morgan & allan // sioux falls, sd

I have been racking my brain for days to come up with the best way to describe morgan & allan's wedding. 

the only words I can remember so crystal clear are from their first look, when after finally seeing each other morgan just shouted, "this is exciting! this is so fun! I'm so excited!"

with smiles plastered on their faces, morgan & allan shared in this excitement with each other, with their families, and with their friends, all day long.

pure excitement. pure joy. pure bliss. 

danae & dan // jarabacoa, dominican republic

these two have a great love for the dominican republic and you can hear it in every conversation with them. after 5 years of calling this place home, they will be returning back to the states this summer.

what a better way to celebrate their deep affection for the mountains and landscapes of jarabacoa than with some photos?

thank you danae and dan for letting me tell a small part of your dominican story!

year in review // 2016

when I sat down to look back on this past year's work, I was overwhelmed. overwhelmed by the sheer number of people I had the joy to work with -- the families, the babies, the couples, the seniors. every year, I am reminded of the beautiful stories to be told and feel so honored to be a part of them in a small way.

thank you to each and every one of you who stepped in front of my camera and trusted me. you make my days better.

katie & sean // lake geneva, wi

nothing like walking away from a wedding knowing you've gained two friends. katie and sean were an absolute joy to work with, to be around, to watch marry each other with a deep and true love. I make no apologies for their long post, it was such a great day to be a part of!

and hello, their send off involved SPRINKLES.