love well. make art. go outside.

most days you can find me hanging out with my dog Cake, watching re-runs of Friends, or being an impulse runner. I strongly believe that my love languages are snacks and quality time and that no matter how hot it is, I will always sleep better with a blanket! I'm a wedding photographer, art teacher, and musician. my favorite weddings are the ones when I walk away feeling like I've gained two new friends, having cried together, laughed together, and spent the whole day together. I will probably cry during your vows...and your First Look...and when you see your dad...

I also believe in never-ending grace and mercy and hope and peace that covers all when the chaos gets too overwhelming.

I am a chicago-based photographer dedicated to natural, personal, and joyful imagery. I want to share in your celebrations of life and love and am willing to travel whenever and wherever they might take place!

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